Roll20’s first ever cyber Monday sale is live, save 10% on a subscription

Roll20 has announced details for their first ever cyber Monday sale, which features 10% off a pro or plus annual subscription. Read below for a few more details:

We all can appreciate how hard our GMs work each week to keep campaigns moving forward. To celebrate this, Roll20 is making their lives a little easier with their first-ever sale on annual Pro and Plus subscriptions! Each subscription will be $10 off starting on Cyber Monday, November 29 and running for two weeks until Monday, December 13.

Plus subscription($59.99/year $49.99/year): For a bargain option, the plus subscription grants a few extra perks to the game experience such as a Character Vault allowing players to transfer characters between games and Dynamic Lighting (hide the board map until players travel through).

Pro subscription ($109.99/year $99.99/year): For the ultimate power user, the pro subscription grants Custom Character Sheets and API Access to grant GMs creative control over campaigns like never before. Also, Dev Server Access allows GMs (and their players) to test out new product features and offer feedback ahead of time.

See the full list of features for both subscription tiers here.

To see all the games Roll20’s GMs are running, check out the latest Orr Report detailing the most popular games on the platform.

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