Rockstar’s PS2 classic Bully comes to iOS and Android

A remastered version of Rockstar’s open-world game, Bully, launches on iOS and Android today.

Celebrating the original game’s 10th anniversary, Bully: Anniversary Edition comes with “enhanced high resolution graphics” as well as full support for touch controls and physical controls. The mobile remastered edition comes with all content included in the base game and the Bully: Scholarship Edition, as well as a new Friend Challenges competitive mode. This mode features PvP competitions based on Bully’s various mini-games, like dissecting frogs in Biology or solving word problems in English.

Bully recently made its way to current consoles via PlayStation’s PS2 Classics emulator, joining other Rockstar PS2 classics like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Manhunt.

Bully: Anniversary Edition is available on Android and iOS devices for $6.99 US.

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