Rock of Ages Gets Christmas Update

It seems like these days many games are getting updates to celebrate the holiday that is happening.  World of Warcraft is famous for this.  Today Atlus announced that they are getting into the holiday spirit with their very own Christmas Update.

ATLUS and ACE Team today revealed that the Steam-exclusive PC version of Rock of Ages™, their balls-to-the-walls game of tower offense featuring fast-paced strategy, high art, and gigantic boulders of doom, would ring in the holidays and the new year with a Christmas content update.  The holiday-themed content includes an all-new Snowman’s Head boulder skin (for both online and local use), permanently unlocks all defensive units for all maps, and introduces a number of limited time interface changes to make the game all the merrier!

It’s a cool little update, and we have screens and a video to show off the changes made.  It sure does bring back memories of making a snowman at home.

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