Ridge Racer Unbounded Supercharges It’s Way To North America

Ridge Racer Unbounded is headed for North America this week, bringing high adrenaline and carnage with it. The newest installment of the Ridge Racer series brings full environmental and vehicular destruction. Also coming along for the ride are all new vintage muscle cars. The speed, mayhem, and all out carnage will be challenging the realistic racing simulators with all out fun.

The signature arcade handling and drifting elements combined with explosive action take RIDGE RACER UNBOUNDED to the next level of competitive racing. With a new car selection including powerful vintage muscle cars, players will take over every alley and street corner in Shatter Bay in the most visceral and destructive racing game of 2012.

Anyone looking to take their racing off the tracks and back onto the streets will want to take a look at this game. Buckle up, 2012 just got a whole lot bumpier!

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