Ride into the danger zone with Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets on iOS devices and Mac today

Today, Atypical Games has announced the release of Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets for iOS, Mac, and Apple TV devices. The game will allow players to make a custom fighter jet and fight against others for aerial supremacy across different arenas.

Players can polish their evasive maneuvering and targeting skills against AI in custom set games before taking off into the savagely competitive multiplayer modes, from the collaborative Team Deathmatch to dog-eat-dog PvE, which pits player against player in massive, mano-a-mano dogfights to find out which of your friends is truly top gun.

Lone wolf pilots who prefer solo play can enjoy a single-player campaign featuring a hair-raising story of camaraderie, treachery and triumph in the skies. Your journey will take you all over the world, from San Francisco to Rio de Janeiro to the Hoover Dam, and you’ll quickly learn that nowhere is safe: the seas are swimming with heavily armed battleships, murderous SAM (surface-to-air) missile sites lurk in the forests below, and the sky is thick with enemy fighter jets that want nothing more than to take you down.

With 100+ different types of planes, countless weapons and defenses, and customizable patterns and badges, players can design the plane that perfectly matches their playstyle and their personal aesthetic.

Sky Gambler: Infinite Jets is available now for $4.99. Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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