Retroguru releases chicken-hunting platformer Hermes on a plethora of platforms

Retroguru recently released its newest game, Hermes, to a variety of different platforms. The mature-themed platforming game is available now on Android and PC.

The plot of Hermes centers around the titular protagonist, who wants to cook a chicken for a meal. However, he wishes to hunt a free-range one, which is easier said than done. Players will have to navigate an Amiga-colored world of 32 levels in order to get their hands in order to become a winner winner and grab some chicken dinner.

While the game is available for free officially on PC and Android (via Google Play Store), those with some modding knowledge can grab the files for platforms such as Gamecube, 3SD, and even Wii. A full list of available platforms is available on Retroguru’s website. In addition, the company has released a limited edition pre-order for its Dreamcast edition, promising to release another port of the game after 100 copies have been sold. Check the trailer for the game above, and stay tuned for more Indie news on Gaming Trend.

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