Resistance: Burning Skies Invades the PS Vita Today

The PS Vita library has been egregiously thin since its decidedly healthy launch back in February, and while the Mortal Kombat  port that released weeks ago was a welcome addition, it’s nice to finally have a new Vita-exlusive experience grace the few million of us Vita owners who have been pining for a fresh experience.

Resistance: Burning Skies  is available today and takes players through the beginning of the Chrimeran invasion in its single player campaign, taking advantage of the Vita’s dual analog sticks and, more interestingly, the front and rear touch screens for secondary weapon fire and sprinting. The multiplayer component allows up to eight players to go at it in classic modes such as Death Match and Team Deathmatch, as well as Survival mode which is a last man standing battle between the humans and the Chimera.

Other cool features of the multiplayer include progression-based gameplay in which players gain XP to upgrade their weapons and characters, and the ability to “viraly infect” nearby players with in-game gifts.

“As the first portable system to offer dual analog control, PS Vita is the ideal portable gaming system for shooter fans as it allows us to deliver a high-quality console-like shooter experience on-the-go,” said Guy Longworth, Senior Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SCEA. “Designed from the ground up for PS Vita, we’re thrilled to introduce Resistance: Burning Skies as the first true FPS experience on a portable device, leading the way for developers to continue creating new immersive FPS content that can only be found on PS Vita.”

Resistance: Burning Skies  is available now for $39.99 in physical form and presumably cheaper in digital format on PSN.  Be sure to read the full press release below for even more details on features and gameplay.

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