Resident Evil 6 Will Be Better by December

Resident Evil 6  got hammered by reviewers when it released earlier this month, many of the complaints revolved around the game’s mechanical shortcomings. Capcom appears to be rectifying some of the issues based on the feedback they’ve received with a free title update that’s coming later this year.

Of course, the majority of gamers who intended to play the game in the first place have already played it. But those of us who have been holding out for the PC version or have been waiting for used copies to show up at GameStop or on Amazon might experience a patched up version that offers an improved experience.

Of the handful of improvements, I’m most excited about the ability to adjust the camera for a greater field of view. No one likes getting hit by enemies they can’t see because the enemy is off screen, so being able to pull the camera back may help alleviate this issue. The rest of the updates are less critical to the gameplay but are a welcomed additions nonetheless:

– The subtitle options have been adjusted so that English language audio can be paired with different subtitle languages

– Ada Wong’s campaign will be available from the start rather than being opened up after completing the other campaigns

– A higher difficulty labeled ‘No Hope’ is being added to satisfy the needs of all you masochist gamers

Sadly, the update is still a ways away. Capcom says we can expect it in December of this year.

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