Remember Me soundtrack remix winners announced

remember me

If you think back to earlier this year, you might recall the heaps of praise in my review for composer Olivier Deriviere’s work in the mind-remixing cyberpunk title, Remember Me.  Well, back in June, the team at Capcom issued a challenge to remix Olivier Deriviere’s “Fragments” from the official soundtrack.  Well, over 100 entries were submitted (all of which can be heard on Soundcloud) but two in specific stood out.  Our congratulations go out to Connor Mills from Ireland (with the odd pseudonym “Alaskan”) for his relaxing electro remix, and Nick “Atpunk” Gonzalez from the United States for his awesome rock mix.  For their efforts, they pick up a gaming console of their choice, a copy of Remember Me, some assorted game merch, and a unique vinyl LP with their winning remix in a custom made sleeve by Remember Me Art Director, Aleksi Briclot.   There are prizes that are worth more money, but very few that are this awesome.   Let’s hear what Olivier Deriviere had to say about the contest:

I am truly amazed by the creativity of our contestants. Their remixes introduced so many different feelings and ideas that I actually discovered new things about my own music. Thank you all for the great new memories we can all now share together!

Know what is extra awesome?   You can nab a FREE best-of remix set at, featuring a selection of tracks from the contest.   Well done, and thanks for creating the soundtrack for the rest of my day!


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