Relic Entertainment is the developer of Age of Empires IV

Tradeshows are a funny thing. Most of what is going to be presented has been guessed, blogged, leaked, or otherwise prematurely revealed in some form or fashion. Then there’s moments like what just happened at gamescom 2017. Today Microsoft has announced that they’ll be working with legendary RTS developer Relic Entertainment (Homeworld, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, etc.) to create Age of Empires IV, exclusively for Windows 10.

At this point, little is known other than Charles Dance-narrated trailer above (Tywin Lannister to you Game of Thrones fans), and the developer/publisher relationship between Relic and Microsoft, but that’s enough to get me all sorts of excited.  There’s little additional information on the official site, and nothing hinting at a release date.

Look for our continued coverage of gamescom, and a keen eye out for any additional Age of Empires IV news, right here at Gaming Trend.

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