Register & Experience Star Wars: The Old Republic for Free This Weekend

Are you a Star Wars fan that has always wanted to play Star Wars: The Old Republic, but you just didn’t have the money or interest in paying to play? Well now is your chance! The MMO is going to be available to any new players who sign up through the free trial advertisement from 12:01AM CT on Thursday, March 15th, until 2:00AM CT Monday, March 19th.

Individuals who take part in the Weekend Pass will be able to experience the opening adventures of each of the eight character classes in the game, exploring both their Origin World and may even have the opportunity to visit their faction’s Capital World. Additionally, Weekend Pass players will have the chance to face off against other players in PvP Warzones, or join up with friends and play through a couple of early faction-specific Flashpoints in the game, The Esseles and The Black Talon.

Players can register their accounts and download the game starting on March 15th. Be aware that the game could take several hours to download so be sure to take that into consideration and get registered as soon as you can to make the most out of your free weekend.

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