Red Phantom Games Releases Minutes’ Launch Trailer

Red Phantom Games has released the launch trailer for its PlayStation 4/Vita game Minutes.

The “bullet-hell” game contains 60 levels, each lasting a minute total, and has the player controlling a circle that collect’s different shapes in order to raise their score.

Red Phantom Games’ Richard Ogden describes the game on the PlayStation Blog as being “inspired by a need to rebel against AAA titles.”

The mechanics at the game’s core are simple: the player controls a circle and moves it around the screen to collect light energy shapes (for points) and avoid dark (which damage the player). On top of this, the size of the circle can be changed (using the L and R shoulder buttons). Go small to stay safe and dodge through the dark energy. Go large to collect more light and, critically, boost your score multiplier. This is the magic risk-reward ingredient in the design.

Minutes is available today on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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