Reckoning & Mass Effect 3 – Demos and Crossover Content

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Mass Effect 3 now have demos available, complete with crossover content for those who play through the demos.

In addition to the demo, 38 Studios has teamed up with BioWare to create a cross promotion to reward fans of both Reckoning andMass Effect 3. By playing the upcoming demos for both Reckoning and Mass Effect 3, gamers will receive special in-game items, including Mass Effect inspired, Omni-blade daggers in Reckoning and special Reckoning-themed armor and assault rifle in Mass Effect 3 designed by award-winning artist Todd McFarlane.

Crossover promotional content is an interesting concept, and of course you will have to sign in to your EA Origin account to access it.

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