Ready to Quarrel?

A competitive word game with a lite strategy layer and cute, colorful graphics? No quarrel here, sign me up! That’s what Quarrel is set to deliver, though, across iOS, XBLA, and Facebook later this year.

In Quarrel, players control territories filled with various troops – including a caveman, ninja, pirate, G.I, robot, alien, and more – who they must use in battle to create high-scoring words out of an eight-letter anagram. The word they create can only be as many letters as the number of troops the player has in his army (i.e. if the player has five cavemen, ninjas, etc, then the word can be five letters long). The key to victory is simple. Whomever’s word scores more points wins the battle and takes control of the land. The person who wins the most battles, achieves domination of the entire map and wins the game.


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