Rare shows off concept art of unfinished sequel to Kameo: Elements of Power

Rare has given fans a look at the cancelled sequel to Kameo: Elements of Power through an unlockable documentary found within Rare Replay

The sequel, simply titled Kameo II, was meant to be much darker than its predecessor, allowing protagonist Kameo to wield daggers and fight enemies using stealth. The darker tone meant that many characters were redesigned and more fearsome. The game would feature returning character The Mystic as the main antagonist as she commanded a new race of serpent-like enemies called the Sargothans, as well as the established trolls fought in the original game.
Kameo II would have come to the Xbox 360, but was eventually cancelled for reasons unexplained in the documentary.

Rare Replay : Previously UNSEEN : Kameo 2 [ HD ]

The original Kameo: Elements of Power was an Xbox 360 launch title in 2005, but before that it existed in various forms on GameCube and the original Xbox.

Reports as far back as 2009 say that Kameo II was cancelled as part of a company-wide restructure that had Rare’s focus shift over to the Kinect. Since the Kinect sensor is no longer included in every Xbox One, Rare has since moved on to games not based on the camera, like its upcoming Xbox One and PC game Sea of Thieves.

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