Rage against a horde of machines with Auto Age Standoff

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Today, Phantom Compass announced that it will release its upcoming vehicular combat action game Auto Age Standoff on September 21. The game oozes some 80s-inspired charm with its cartoony graphics and fast-paced gameplay.

Auto Age is a ruthless car combat game soaked in ’80s cartoon style. It pits players against each other in online and local multiplayer dogfight battles, and has players customize vehicles with powerful weaponry that will enable them to launch missiles at enemy drivers, ram cars, lay mines and much more. Think Twisted Metal meets a MOBA with realistic driving (the controls are not arcadey like Rocket League). In addition, fueling the chaos is a retro-future dashboard mixtape and soundtrack, where guitar-shredding and synthwave music power a thirst for vehicular destruction.

The trailer and gallery of screenshots can be viewed above, and if it’s anything like the early 2000s game Cel Damage, this might be a goofy, fun ride. Auto Age Standoff will be released on September 21 for PC. Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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