Quarriors! dice building without all those pesky dice on your iPad

If you have ever dreamed of playing Quarriors! on your morning commute but hate having to pick up spilled dice from underneath your seat, Wizkids/NECA have you covered. The award winning family game is coming soon to an iPad near you.

“The iPad version will be more accessible and reach a whole new audience while still being the fun and outstanding game current players love,” said Justin Ziran, president of WizKids.Features include:

  • Full and faithful transliteration of the original dice building board game Quarriors! by Mike Elliot and Eric M. Lang.
  • Single player and up to 4 player Multi-player and Pass-n-play modes.
  • Full tutorial included.
  • Automatic scoring and rules enforcement.
  • Challenging strategic gameplay.
  • Immersive sounds, art and engaging special effects bring the tabletop game to life!
  • Compatible with iPad (2nd Generation), iPad (3rd Generation), iPad (4th Generation) and iPad Mini running iOS 5.1 or greater.

Although the tablet can’t replicate the tactile pleasure of rolling actual dice on a tabletop, the iPad version of Quarriors! promises to bring the game to locations where the physical version would be impractical. Look for Quarriors! this November.

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