Quantum Conundrum – The Matter of Matter

Quantum Conundrum is looking more and more like a must-have game, and you can in fact have this game in just a few days.  Before you set off for science, you need to watch this video on having Fun with Physics.  In the world of fluffy things, heavy things, and things most odd, Quantum Conundrum looks like a solid addition to my library.  Here is a nibble from my writeup:

Moving into the next room we spot a pile of books.  Each is a play on words relating to science – there are 54 in all throughout the game to find as a sort of Easter Egg.  This sort of comedic flair extends to the rest of the environment as well.  Later in the demo we saw a picture that looked like a normal hillside, but when flipped to the heavy dimension it became encased in iron, changing to the reverse gravity option brought dinosaurs to the painting, and the fluffy dimension made the whole thing look downright cute and saccharine.

The game is heading to Steam on June 21st, with an XBLA and PSN release later this Summer.  Stay tuned….IT”S SO FLUFFY!!  Enjoy the video:

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