PSA: Nintendo’s Deluxe Digital Promotion Is Now Live

If you’ve purchased the Deluxe Wii U bundle and was wondering what the deal with that “Deluxe Digital Promotion” was or when it was going to be available, well, you’re in luck. As of today, the promotion is officially live. Owners of the Deluxe Wii U bundle — the black one that came with Nintendo Land — can go to a website and log in using the same Nintendo Network ID and password as their Wii U system. After agreeing to some terms, presto! You’re officially signed up.

Deluxe owners will earn approximately 10% in points on all digital purchases made either through the Wii U shop, or through redeemable codes purchased at retail. A $59.99 game will net 599 points, for example. After 500 points, you will receive a code redeemable for a $5 eShop credit. It’s a little convoluted, but in the end, it means free stuff for you. The program will retroactively award points for any purchases made before the program went live, so don’t sweat about that. Points will be earned until the end of December 2014, and points will remain active until the end of March 2015, so there’s plenty of time to get points. For additional details head to the official Deluxe Digital Program website.

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