PS4 Watch Dogs users experiencing launch week download issues

PS4 Watch Dogs users experiencing launch week download issues

Due to Watch Dogs being a huge release, it is no surprise to see some launch day issues, and that is exactly what many are getting when trying to download and install Ubisoft’s newest open-world foray.

The issues are not being widely reported but they are most certainly happening, which is evident by this Playstation Forum thread detailing the issue. The issue is based around the fact that after downloading and installing a portion of the game, you can launch into the story, but still run into a hard lockup.


The lockup refuses to let you play farther into the game until it fully installs, forcing players to wait at that install screen for hours upon hours.

There is an initial install of 3.4 GB when you boot up Watch Dogs, with the game taking up a total of 21 GB.

You can read our own Ron Burke’s review of Watch Dogs here.

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