PS4 system update 4.00 — Folders, new UI, and more

PlayStation 4’s upcoming 4.0 update is going into public beta tomorrow, and PlayStation has announced what we should expect with the new software overhaul.

The most prominent — and most requested — change coming to PS4 is the addition of folders. According to the post on the PlayStation Blog, these folders can be created by the user to “help collect your favorite games and select apps in one place for quick and easy access.”

Here’s a list of all the changes coming to the system update:

UI overhaul

Revised pop-up notifications, new system icons, and new system background options.

Quick Menu

The PS4 Quick Menu (which appears upon holding down the PS button on the controller) will now only cover a portion of the screen and can be customized to show your friends list or other shortcuts.

Share Menu

The menu will now only cover a portion of the screen and will save the last social network you used to share your content. Twitter video clips can now be as long as 140 seconds (previously only 10 seconds).

Folders and Library Organization

Users may now create folders to compile games, apps, etc. The library will have tabs and other tools for sorting your games and apps.

User Profile

Trophy progress can be viewed from a player’s profile. Screenshots taken on the PS4 can now be used as a User’s background image.


Emails will begin rolling out tomorrow to those who signed up and were selected for the public beta. No launch date has been given for the official 4.0 update.


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