Privateer Press brings three major games to store shelves

While Privateer Press might be most well known for their Warmachine and Hordes minis games, it looks like they have something for everyone.  They have just released three new games that will be of interest to those who don’t want to micromanage battles.

Three of Privateer Press’ most eagerly awaited products of 2014—Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy: Monsternomicon, LEVEL 7 [INVASION], and WARMACHINE High Command: Faith & Fortune—all release today and are available at hobby game retailers.

Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy: Monsternomicon is a monster supplement based on the original, multiple-award-winning d20 Monsternomicon books. This new supplement is compatible with the ENnie Award–winning Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game as well as the upcoming 2015 release Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game. The Monsternomicon includes 40 monster entries and 37 creature templates that allow for the creation of thousands of different monster permutations.

LEVEL 7 [INVASION] is a semi-cooperative board game of strategic global defense for 3–5 players. It is the third stand-alone board game in the LEVEL 7 sci-fi/horror universe and advances the saga beyond the critically acclaimed LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL]. In LEVEL 7 [INVASION], players command multinational coalitions in a concerted effort to survive and outlast an apocalyptic alien invasion.

WARMACHINE High Command: Faith & Fortune is a new core set in the customizable deck-building series High Command. The box includes four new factions: Convergence of Cyriss, Retribution of Scyrah, Four Star Syndicate, and Highborn Covenant. Also included are new Location and Winds of War cards that are compatible with any WARMACHINE High Command and HORDES High Command releases, offering new customization options for all players. The 2–4 player release includes 386 cards in all.

“These releases continue our long-term growth and evolution plans for these critically acclaimed game lines,” said William Shick, Director of Business and Brand Development for Privateer Press. “Monsternomicon emphatically answers the demand for new adversaries to battle in the Iron Kingdoms RPG, LEVEL 7 [INVASION] brings the LEVEL 7 saga to a global arena of all-out warfare and desperate survival, and Faith & Fortune not only adds new factions to play in High Command, but also adds powerful new deck-building options to players of all factions through the brand-new Location cards and Winds of War decks.”

So here you have an RPG, board game, and a deck-building game.  Quite a nice spread if you ask me.

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