Prey gameplay trailer from QuakeCon 2016

Bethesda and Arkane Studios revealed gameplay trailer for their Prey reboot today at QuakeCon.

The trailer opens with multiple environmental shots of the inside of what appears to be a conglomerate building or hotel and the outside of a space station. During these first-person shots, the voice of Morgan, Prey’s protagonist, can be heard reminiscing about a strange recurring dream. He also states that the year is 2034.

The latter half of the trailer shows off quick snippets of gun combat with handguns and a shotgun, as well as what might be a bladed melee weapon. Multiple shots of shadowy enemies can be seen, some of which are humanoid while others look somewhat like large spiders. The trailer ends with Morgan’s voice stating that “to make this right, someone has to die,” followed by a beat, then him repeating his statement about his recurring dream.

During an interview at this year’s E3, Arkane Studios President and Creative Director Raphael Colantonio talked about the game, stating that it is “not a sequel; it’s not a remake; it has no tie with the original. You have to look at it like a reimagining of the IP.” He described Prey as a game which makes use of shooting mechanics, light RPG systems and strong narrative elements while putting a heavy focus on player choice.

Prey is currently slated for release some time next year. For more on Arkane Studios’ reboot, check out the secrets from the announcement trailer.


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