Prepare for questions and queries galore with Askutron Quiz Show hitting Early Access next week

Get ready to hit your buzzers next week, as indie developer Goldsaucer has announced that its upcoming trivia game, Askutron Quiz Show, will be released on Steam Early Access November 12. The game will feature over 10,000 questions from a variety of different categories, with custom quizzes available through Steam Workshop.


In this no-frills, family-friendly trivia game up to 8 players compete against each other locally or online, using gamepads and mobile phones, playing rounds of different quiz modes to earn points. The game uses the tech behind Amazon Echo and Alexa to voice not only the 10,000+ questions included with the game, but also quizzes created by players.

Included with the game are thousands of questions in the officially supported languages English and German. On top of this, players can use the provided quiz editor to create their very own quizzes in any of the 18 languages supported by the game’s synthetic voice engine, such as Russian and Japanese, and share them via Steam Workshop.

While looking a little rough around the edges for its Early Access debut, the computer voiceover mechanic will add some pretty neat replay value as players can make their own questions and share them with other players. Askutron Quiz Show will be available via Steam Early Access on November 12. Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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