Preorder Orcs Must Die On Steam — Get HAMMA!

Do you like orcs?  If so, this is not the news post for you.  Move along.


Okay, for everyone else, the folks at Robot Entertainment have announced that preorders have begun for Orcs Must Die!, which launches on Steam next week on the 12th.  If you preorder the game for $14.99, you get the demo which allows you to play the first three fortress of the game.  Not only that, you’ll also unlock the “Knight of the Order” downloadable costume for the War Mage.  With this costume, you can wear the custom armor and wield the Hammer of War (thus, HAMMA!) instead of the Bladestaff.

Also, they’re laying down the gauntlet.  If players can kill 250 million orcs, they’ll unlock a free ‘Orc Slayer’ costume for all players which includes a darker version of the base armor and a double-bladed Bladestaff.  You can check out more information on the game at the official site.

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