A Post-Game Scene from The Last of Us Performed at Live Event

If you watched The Last of Us: One Night Live last night (If you didn’t, you can watch it above), you’ll know that the live audience was treated to a special something that stream viewers weren’t. Thanks to testimonies from NeoGAF users, we now know what it was the audience got to see.

The following contains spoilers from The Last of Us. Reader discretion is advised.

According to fans who were present at the event, the audience was treated to a new scene that takes place after The Last of Us proper. Set four years after Joel has lied to Ellie about the final events of the game, the duo are still living at Tommy’s reserve, but Ellie has been very distant to Joel. She’s seen listening to music as Joel comes into her room talking about a woman named Esther that he’s now dating. Then, Joel pulls out a guitar and plays a song for Ellie, promising that he’ll teach her how to play. The scene ends with Ellie picking a note on the guitar.

A Post-Game Scene from The Last of Us Performed at Live Event

Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us’ director, confirmed that the scene would never be released in any form, and that it was basically a “goodbye” to Joel and Ellie. The audience was asked not to film the scene, meaning that those present at the event are the only ones that will ever get to see it.

The Last of Us: Remastered comes out today on PlayStation 4. For more on Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, check out the Gaming Trend review.

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