Portal 2 DLC Coming Tuesday For Free, Third Soundtrack Released Today

Over at Valve’s official Portal 2 site comes the announcement that the first of the Portal 2 DLC will be coming out next Tuesday – that’s October 4th, or 10/4/11 for you alphanumeric types – and it will be released for free. Other than that, the only information mentioned about the DLC is that it will be entitled “Peer Review”. Thin details, but really, “Free Portal 2 DLC straight from Valve” is about all any fan of this game needs to know. Especially those of us who have already gone through both the singleplayer campaign and the initial co-op offering, only to be left hungry for more.

In addition, Valve has also released “the third and final volume of Songs to Test By”, for you audiophiles who’ve been enjoying the Portal 2 related music Valve has been offering. 24 mp3s, with intriguing titles like “Wheatley Science” and “SPAAAAACE” to choose from, along with 6 new ringtones. So be sure to swing on by to pick these up.

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