Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, more details revealed

With just three months to go until the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, The Pokemon Company has released a new trailer showing a few more details to the upcoming sequel of last year’s start to Pokemon’s 7th generation.

At first, it appears that Rockruff is following the trainer, but we are unsure whether that means that other Pokemon will be able to follow close behind like they could in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. But, further along in the trailer, the trainer appears to be walking alone. Also in the trailer are several characters that only appear late in the game such as Kahili and Ryuki.

We’re given a look at the map of the Alola Region since the events of the first game as well as including new buildings and a mysterious dark purple vortex similar to an Ultra Wormhole. This is immediately cut off by information about a new look for your character. Finally, we’re given a look at Dusk Form Lycanroc, which you can only get from certain Rockruff that will be revealed short.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be released for the Nintendo 3DS On November 17th, 2017.

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