Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer features Team Skull, 3 new Pokemon, and new Alola forms

The most recent trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon reveals three new Pokemon, new Alola forms and a new team of antagonists.

Wishiwashi, a new Water-type, features a new ability called Schooling. This fish Pokemon appears to start battles in “solo” form, but can take on a “school” form by evolving mid-battle. Also revealed in the trailer are Morelull (a Grass/Fairy type) Pyukumuku, a new water type with a strange new ability called Innards Out.

Team Skull is the newest group of Pokemon trainer thugs, featuring Plumeria, Team Skull’s “Big Sister,” and the new team boss, Guzma. Little is currently known about the team, but a cutscene is shown of Guzma talking to someone about being “rejects who could never become captains.”


Additionally, new Alola forms of classic Pokemon were revealed in the trailer. Meowth will now appear as a Dark-type, Marowak will be a Fire/Ghost-type, and very cheery-looking Raichu will now feature Electric/Psychic-type abilities.

Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out for 3DS on November 18. For more new Pokemon coming this fall, check out trailers for other Alola forms and six other new Pokemon.


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