Pokémon retrospective video catches my attention

So I’m gonna come right out and say it – despite over three decades of gaming, I’ve never played a Pokémon title.  I’m not sure why, but it always worked out where I just didn’t have the time, or another reviewer tackled it, but I have yet to catch anything, much less catch them all.  Nintendo has something to catch those of you like me up to speed. Today they’ve released a full retrospective for the series to celebrate the recent release of Pokémon X/Y.  The video reaches all the way back to the original North American release on the black and white original Gameboy platform with Pokémon Red and Blue.  Off that success they unveiled Pokémon Yellow which make Pikachu a household name. I remember being a manager at a Gamestop at the time and standing in wide-eyed amazement at the eager kids and adults that couldn’t wait for me to open my store, each clutching their pre-order receipts for Pokémon Snap. It’s just been hit after hit since then.

To say that the world of Pokémon is huge doesn’t do it justice either.  The franchise has sold over 100 million units worldwide! (Source:  If you are new to the Pokémon series, or you just want a trip down memory lane, you should check this out.

You can read our in-depth review of Pokémon X/Y right here.

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