Pokémon Go’s summer updates bring co-op gameplay, gym retools

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Niantic Inc. and The Pokémon Company International announced today that it would release summer updates for Pokémon Go. These updates bring some major overhauls to the current gym system as well as a new co-op element. The mobile spinoff of the popular RPG series is available now on smartphone devices.

In Pokémon Go, players use their phones to locate different Pokémon in real world locations, catching them and battling others in gym battles across the globe. In the coming months, gyms will undergo major renovations to make ownership more collaborative. Previously, multiplayer features were limited and player-vs-player interaction was asymmetric.

The new Gyms will add a spinnable Photo Disc (just like PokéStops) that will distribute unique items. Trainers will also receive Gym Badges—mementos of adventures that they can level up, increased rewards, and bonus items at Gyms. Gyms will now feature six permanent slots that can be filled by the controlling team’s Pokémon, and opposing teams will battle Pokémon in the order they were assigned to the Gym. The new motivation system introduces an interactive factor for Pokémon assigned to a Gym that will impact their potential Combat Power (CP). Pokémon defending a Gym will lose motivation over time and as they are defeated, lowering their CP and making it easier for opposing teams to defeat them. Trainers from the same team can give defending Pokémon some Berries to keep them motivated.

In addition to newer gyms, there will be raid battles in the coming months, where trainers will have the opportunity to virtually team up with nearby allies in order to defeat extremely powerful Pokémon. These events will temporarily take over a gym, which means that trainers from all teams can visit the gym and earn special items as well as an opportunity to catch these Pokémon. Private Raid groups can also be created among friends for those that want to join a specific raid. While the Pokémon available for these raid battles are not confirmed, keep in mind that legendary Pokémon were rumored to be included in prior in-game data before being revoked.

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