Pokémon GO celebrates Valentine’s Day with candy and pink Pokémon

Niantic is helping Pokémon GO players feel the love this Valentine’s Day. Starting today, players will receive double candy from Buddy Pokémon, as well as for catching, transferring and hatching Pokémon. Professor Willow has also noted that pink Pokemon, such as Chansey and Clefable, are being sighted more frequently.

If you still need to fill your Pokédex with the newly added Generation 2 baby Pokémon, it’s time to warm up those incubators and start walking! Cleffa, Igglybuff and Smoochum will be more likely to hatch from eggs from now until February 15th.

Additionally, Lure Modules seem to be malfunctioning in the best of ways! Today through the 15th, Lure Modules will last for a full six hours, instead of their usual 30 minutes. With this much going on, there’s bound to be something to make your week a little bit sweeter.

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