PlayStation Teaser Hints at New IP from God of War Creator

Sony has released a new teaser for the PlayStation Experience that seems to be hinting at the reveal of a new project from the mind of God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe.

The video (which you can view above) is called the “Notebook Teaser,” and features someone drawing in a notebook only to rip the pages out one by one. At the 18 second mark, a URL for Bartlet Jones’ site is seen, which leads to a YouTube video (below) called “Haunted,” showing some disturbing imagery, and Jaffe acting pretty crazy.

The official site contains a link to the company’s LinkedIn, which confirms that the studio is comprised of Jaffe, Nick Kononelos, and Michael Riccio; all previously from Sony Computer Entertainment America. The LinkedIn bio reveals the studio is currently working on a Unity-based action game.

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