PlayStation Plus Members Get Section 8 DLC at Half Price


When the Frontier Colonies map pack for Section 8: Prejudice arrives on PSN next Saturday, Timegate Studios will be rewarding PlayStation Plus subscribers with a whopping 50% discount, taking the price down to a mere two dollars.  Don’t dawdle too long, though: the offer only lasts for the first thirty days.

The Frontier Colonies Map Pack comes with two new multiplayer maps each with a different look and feel. “Desolation” is a parched desert world haunted by the remains of a failed colonization attempt. “Overseer” is home to a military base that overlooks a lush forest valley. Both maps are playable in both multiplayer and offline play for all game modes included in Section 8: Prejudice.

The regular price of $3.99 already seems like an absolute steal for the amount of game play to be had in even one of these maps.  For half price, this is the sort of membership reward Sony could be advertising much more heavily than they are.

The Frontier Colonies map pack will be available on PSN starting September 13th.


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