PlayStation 4 Update 2.00 to Add YouTube and Share Play

Sony has detailed an upcoming PlayStation 4 firmware update that will add a few new and long-discussed features to the console.

Update 2.00 will not only add the recently announced YouTube support that will allow you to upload shared clips to the popular video hosting website, but will also include the Share Play feature that was initially shown off when the console was unveiled in February of last year.

Share Play allows you and a friend to create what is essentially “online couch cooperative play” and lets you and your friends spectate, take control and play alongside friends without having to be sitting in the same room together. Only one player has to actually own the game, and other players can simply join in through using Share Play. If the locally playing user is having trouble with any one part of the game, spectating players can take control of the game and get past the part for their friend in need.

PlayStation 4 Update 2.00 to Add YouTube and Share Play

Also at Gamescom, Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 has sold 10 million units worldwide since its launch in November of last year.

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