Playdek Announces Sale on Ascension iOS Games and New Promo Pack

Ascension Logo

Playdek announces a promotion on all its Ascension games, as well as a new Promo Pack, launching on the App Store today. The award-winning game Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer will be FREE for a limited time.

Promo Pack 2 contains the following six new cards all for $.99:

  •       Askara of Fortune
  •       Journeyman Sage
  •       Cetra, Guide of Ogo
  •       Hedron Flare
  •       Nethersnare
  •       Ender of Days

Additionally, Ascension: Return of the FallenAscension: Storm of Souls and Ascension: Immortal Heroes are on sale for a dollar off:

  •      Ascension: Return of the Fallen = $1.99
  •      Ascension: Storm of Souls = $2.99
  •      Ascension: Immortal Heroes = $1.99
  •      Promo Pack 1 & Promo Pack 2 sell for $.99 each

For these prices, you owe it to yourself to give this game a try, or if you own it to expand your collection. This is a fun game that is relatively easy to learn and it works very well on the iPad, thanks to the skill of the team at Playdek.


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