Play Nigo’s Cave, a 13 Kilobyte Free to Play Game!


JS13kgames – a JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 developers – is underway, and one of the pleasant surprises to come out of it is Felipe Alfonso’s Nigo’s Cave. Now as you can tell by the blocky, blurry image above, this is a game on par with the graphics of the Atari 2600. As with all games in the competition, this one’s under 13k in size – a mere 13 kilobytes, incredibly small, yet featuring some pretty decent (if admittedly primitive) gameplay. Always amazing to see how much design can be packed into so little a space.

You can check out the other games in the competition as well, with 24 on display as of this writing. The competition doesn’t end until September 13th, so those of you who have some HTML5 and Javascript knowledge may be interested in jumping into this yourself. Don’t say you don’t have the time – it’s a 13k competition, how long could it possibly take?


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