Planetside 2 patched, adds virtual reality training center


Planetside 2 continues with the major updates to their MMOFPS. The latest patch adds a tremendous amount of bugfixes and general updates, including a long sought-after feature: a Virtual Reality training center. Not only is this convenient for people who want to practice in something other than a live-fire (well, you know, as live as you get in a game) situation, but it also provides access to all weapons, vehicles and their assorted ranks and unlocks while in the VR center. Perfect for seeing if a given weapon you want to invest your points in is really worth it.

The patch notes are rather huge, so let’s take a look at the VR training center highlights alone:

  • This area is accessible through any warp terminal
  • This is a safe test area where you can try every weapon, vehicle, and upgrade available to your empire!
  • Each empire has its own Training area.
  • This area has target dummies for vehicles and infantry that have the same properties as in normal combat.
  • An indoor shooting range with random targets at 10 meter intervals for reflex practice and target recognition is available.
  • An outdoor shooting range with infantry and vehicle targets to train with all manner of weaponry is also available.
  • There is an open area to practice driving or flying with vehicles.
  • A quad course is available, but jump ramps haven’t been installed yet, so be cautious and creative when navigating the course!
  • While in the training area players have a separate set of loadouts for vehicles and classes. Normal loadouts are used when the player returns to one of the continents.
  • A Redeploy hotkey has been added and can be used without having to view the map. Default binding is the Delete key. If you find yourself stranded in VR, use the hotkey to get back to the training facility. This functionality is available both in and out of VR Training.
  • For training purposes, reality has been altered in this area:
  • All weapons for infantry and vehicles available to the player’s empire can be used!
  • All vehicle upgrades, suit upgrades, abilities, and weapon attachments are available and at the maximum rank while in the zone, regardless of the player’s current certifications.
  • Vehicles and MAX suits do not cost resources.
  • Vehicles and MAX suits do not require or start acquisition timers.
  • Player stats are not recorded while in this area.
  • Experience and medals cannot be earned while in this area.
  • Players cannot hurt each other or their vehicles but can hurt themselves.
  • Shooting or destroying friendly target dummies does not grant grief points but will still show the grief indicator and play the grief sound.
  • Respawning has no time delay.
  • Weapon trials cannot be obtained while in this area (you already have access to every weapon!).
  • Note that consumables still cost resources and deplete the player’s inventory when used while in VR. This will be altered in a future update.

So if you’re a Planetside 2 player who’s been eyeballing a particular gun but didn’t want to commit on the certification points, be sure to check this feature out. Also, if you’re very, very bad at the game? Here’s a place you can practice in relative peace! Good hunting, all.


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