PlanetSide 2 E3 Video

PlanetSide 2 looks pretty awesome, and we gave away a truckload of beta keys, but now you can see a great introduction to the game courtesy of the folks behind the game.   Showing off each class, their role, and how deep the customization in this game really is, this video is the same behind-closed-doors demo we got just a few weeks back at E3.  Here is a little nibble about the classes you’ll hear about in this video:

  • Light Assault – a jetpack trooper, can deploy his own ammo and is armed with a carbine
  • Heavy Assault – heavy anti-infantry unit and anti-vehicle unit, can equip their faction’s machine gun or anti vehicle weapon
  • Medic – a class responsible for replenishing players’ health and reviving them on the field, armed with a rifle
  • Engineer – a class responsible for vehicle repairs as well as fortification, and is a handy anti-infantry class with its rifle or shotgun
  • Infiltrator – a saboteur or a sniper, capable of cloaking, armed with a Sniper Rifle
  • Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit (MAX) – an operator of the powerful armored robotic suit, capable of sustaining and dealing heavy damage, the only class that will require Engineer’s attention along with Medic’s

Get used to hearing “I’m Knightshade Dragon and I’ll be your Reaver Commander this afternoon…” as the beta will be expanding very soon!  Look for our continued coverage as it unfolds.   See you in the skies.

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