Planetside 2 asks: Can Your FPS Do This?

Sony Online Entertainment released a new video today highlighting the awesome scale and size of Planetside 2’s epic battles and its enormous continents. Planetside 2 has been live for a week now as a Free-to-Play FPS on Steam, and instead of the traditional style of FPS games -where gamers play matches against one another in small maps- the game is one long continuous battle set in a gigantic map. Players fight for one of three factions and contest the planet on a base-by-base system.

Don’t take my word for it though, check out our first impression of Planetside 2.

SOE’s new trailer asks one question: Can your FPS do this? Mine can’t, that’s for sure. Check out the video below, and give Planetside 2 a spin; after the Steam sale spending frenzy, it’s nice to play something free for a change.



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