Planet Coaster gets explosive with fireworks in the Summer Update

[unitegallery PCSummerUpdate]

Ever since its debut last year, Frontier’s Planet Coaster has been graced with various updates that add fresh content to the game, with over 120,000 community creations shared on Steam Workshop. Frontier has announced that the PC title will have a third major update, named the Summer Update, which will bring fireworks and other festive decorations to the amusement park simulator.

Fireworks are one of the main attractions in this Summer Update, which will include the most detailed fireworks simulation ever created for a video game. Additionally, you can design firework displays with the new Display Sequencer, trigger them alongside other park events, and choreograph them to custom music. Additionally, players can now customize their park with video and image scenery panels, and can boost their rides with the new Flatride Sequencer and Painted Wooden Coasters. Alongside these new features, Frontier has listed new content updates, such as new rides like the Iron Claw, new rollercoastes like the Gnarler, and new management scenarios with Miss Elly’s Diner, Goldmine Tower, and Starship Hangar.

Check out our gallery of screenshots above, and check out Ron’s review of Planet Coaster here. Planet Coaster is available now on PC. Stay tuned for more E3 news here on Gaming Trend.


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