Planet Coaster gets Back to the Future, Knight Rider, and The Munsters DLC

Frontier Developments has been on a roll lately with Planet Coaster (our review here), their recent free Summer update (our thoughts) celebrating the 4th of July in style by adding a wealth of awesome features including a trigger system control panel, screens that give you the ability to add video to your park, and even fireworks! Well, today they’ve got some cool new updates representing their first foray into the paid DLC market. If these three are any indication of the quality of future DLC packs, there’s a lot to be excited about.

The content packs reach into my childhood (and a little beyond), featuring K.I.T.T. and K.A.R.R. from Knight Rider, the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future, and the DRAG-U-LA dragster Munster Koach from The Munsters. All of these vehicles will be added to the new Construction Kit downloadable pack area, giving you piece-by-piece construction components to build each of these vehicles at large scale, medium scale replica scenery pieces, and even small scale to add to your go-kart tracks, with branded logo signs pre-built and ready to go.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s available in each pack:

Back to the Future pack – $2.99
Miniature DeLorean Time Machine kart for Go-Kart circuit.

1:1:2 scale scenery pieces

  • 1985 DeLorean Time Machine.
  • 2015 DeLorean Time Machine with Mr. Fusion and hover wheels.
  • 1955 DeLorean Time Machine with hood circuits and white tires.
  • 1885 DeLorean Time Machine with circuits and railway wheels.

1:1:8 scale construction set

  • Ten-piece building set for the DeLorean Time Machine.
  • Back to the Future backlit sign.
  • ‘88MPH’ flame trail FX piece.
  • Flux Capacitor electrical effect

Knight Rider pack – $2.99
Miniature KITT kart for Go-Kart circuit.

1:1:2 scale scenery pieces

  • KITT vehicle.
  • Super Pursuit KITT vehicle.
  • KARR vehicle.

1:1:8 scale construction set

  • Six-piece building set for the KITT, Super Pursuit KITT and KARR vehicles.
  • Knight Rider backlit sign.
  • Special explosion effect.
  • 2x bullet impact effect.

The Munsters pack – $2.99
Miniature Munster Koach kart for GoKart circuit.

1:1:2 scale scenery pieces

  • Munster Koach vehicle.
  • DRAG-U-LA vehicle.

1:1:8 scale construction set

  • 27-piece building set for the Munster Koach and DRAG-U-LA vehicles.
  • The Munsters backlit sign.
  • Spooky green mist effect.
  • Bat Confetti effect

If you have played games with DLC, you know that it can quickly divide the community into those with and those without. Frontier thought about this — here’s a snippet from the team on how this works when you download something that contains DLC that you don’t currently own:

If you do not want to purchase any additional content, that’s fine! You’ll be able to toggle them on or off by using the ‘lock button’ right next to the in-game search bar.

Any items on the Steam Workshop that feature paid content items will be marked with a special tag; if you own the same content items as the Workshop item, you’ll be able to place and interact with that blueprint as you would normally. If you do not own the same content items, you can still subscribe to that blueprint, but you will not be able to place it in your park – it will give an ‘obstructed’ notification as well as a warning that the item you’ve selected included DLC content.

The same happens with entire parks that contain additional content; upon opening the park, you will get an in-game notification that tells you this park contains DLC items. You can ignore the notification and fly through the park as you normally would, but any paid content will be locked for you and it won’t function within the park unless you have the correct kit purchased.

It takes absolutely no imagination whatsoever to imagine animatronic dinosaurs DLC for a Jurassic Park pack, animatronic shark attacks for Jaws, and much more. If this first foray into paid DLC is any indication of the future, Planet Coaster is growing in an amazing direction.

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