Pixel Art and Roguelike Action – the Vagante Kickstarter

Pixel art, dynamically generated content and roguelike aspects. Any one of these three things will generally catch my eye and make me pull my wallet out, and given continuing surge of titles that feature at least one of these traits, I can’t be alone. So if you’d like to help another fun-looking roguelike claw its way into the world, consider checking out the Kickstarter for Vagante – a game which features all of the above, and manages it with skill and refinement. You can generally tell you’re dealing with a worthy project when the Kickstarter not only comes with impressive media, but an actual playable demo freely available, so consider that two major marks in its favor when I tell you Vagante has both. All that plus online multiplayer and a DRM free launch and… really, by this point chances are if you’re into Vagante’s premise you’re already over at the Kickstarter site throwing down cash. It’s rare to see a project as worthy of backing as this one.

If I had to throw out the thing that really caught my eye with this title, it’s the animation. I’m both a hobbyist game developer as well as an aspiring pixel artist, and the team behind Vagante clearly knows how to pack a lot of life and energy into the old school resolution – just check out the media on the Kickstarter page to see what I mean. Characters jump and fight and swim around fluidly, communicating a whole lot with a restricted palette and size. Of course, all the other features just make my eyes light up and spark electricity in the part of my brain that’s been conditioned to love permadeath challenges, randomized levels and more – those are the traits that sold me, but it’s the art that first turned my head.

Either way, if all this sounds as worthy to you as it does to me, consider throwing some money Vagante’s way. They’ve got just under 10 days left, and that’s still plenty of time to hit their goal.

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