Pick up your First Player marker here – Friday Tabletop Kickstarter Update

Hello! Welcome to Friday Tabletop Kickstarter Update! For info on what is going on here, check out this introduction. A whole pile of good games to check out this week.

Remember that I am in no way endorsing these games, I have not played them, I have not talked to the publishers. Back at your own risk.

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Apparent Weight: Light – Medium
Genre: Hand management, Dragons, gold

Minion Games is making a name for themselves as a small publishing company that can pump out amazing games (one of my favorites is Manhattan Project). They have just launched their campaign for Dragonflame. Each round players seed the castles in play with treasure cards, then they will pick what castle they want to sack. That seems simple, but some cards are played face down, some face up leading to a game of doublethink with your opponents. If you are interested, they have a print-and-play ready to go on their page.


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Space Movers 2201
Apparent Weight: Medium
Genre: Cooperative space game, Pickup and deliver

I have been trying to figure out if I know of any other pickup and deliver cooperative games, and a few weakly fit the bill, but Space Movers embraces the mash up with open arms. In Space Movers players are playing against the game to stay afloat out in the universe. Players need to make deliveries to keep their fuel up, all the while running from an evil UO Scout ship. Check out their page to see how they are adding a dexterity element to normal boring skill checks, it looks really fun!


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GingerDead House
Apparent Weight: Medium
Genre: Deliciousness, Tower Defense, Strategy card game

GinegerDead House made it on to this list by theme and art alone. Take every fairy tale trope you can think of, add some sinister intent and frost everything with icing and you have the world of GingerDead House. Players are trying to fend off all kinds of baddies while protecting their new investment, a gingerbread house in the middle of the enchanted forest. With art work to back it up, I just hope the game is worth it was well.


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Operation F.A.U.S.T.
Apparent Weight: Light-Medium
Genre: World War II, card based bluffing game, hidden roles

I have been a fan of Robert Burke since being part of the Battle for Souls campaign. He publishes very different games, but all with high quality. His most recent campaign, Operation F.A.U.S.T. focuses on an awesome theme: art theft and protection during World War Two. The game is all about bluffing about what role card you may have, while trying to fulfill your own individual goal. If you are a fan of Coup or Masquerade, this is a good one to get behind.


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The World of Smog: On Her Majesty’s Service
Apparent Weight: Medium
Genre: Steampunk, Strategic movement, Miniatures

You almost didn’t see this game on a Tabletop Update because the campaign is super short. CoolMiniOrNot is not messing around, just ten days to blast through all of their stretch goals. Don’t be fooled, this is not a miniatures game, the minis are just accoutrements to make the production look awesome. Why have a wooden pawn when you could have a detailed miniature bust. Players interact with an ever changing and rotating board to collect the right resources at the right time. The World of Smog is just a little too expensive for my tastes.


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