Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 5 3DS trailer released


The good Nintendo news continues to roll out. The next game in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series is coming for the 3DS, and the trailer has finally been released. The main switch-up here is the switch to 3D animation over the game’s classic 2D style. Personally, I’ll tend to choose well-done 2D over well-done 3D whenever the option presents itself, but with that bias in mind I have to say… looking good there, guys. The trailer features a cel-shading kind of look, and it’s clear the developers went out of their way to make sure the 3D style mimicked the 2D animation as much as possible – a move I’m grateful for. This is a japanese trailer, so whatever all that hiragana and kanji is communicating is a mystery to me, but I’m sure translated details will make their way westward before long.

And here’s the trailer itself. Keeping up with the interesting character designs I see – I’m liking that security guard. And Phoenix’s new female associate.

Ace Attorney 5 Trailer


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