Petroglyph and Grey Box release two new Grey Goo videos

Petroglyph and Grey Box have released two new videos about their upcoming release, Grey Goo.

The sci-fi adventure is coming to us very soon and Petroglyph has decided to release two new videos that provide some information on the development process and one of the major three factions within the game.

The description for the first video reads

“Firmament” – takes us to the stars for a look at one of Grey Goo’s three main factions: the Betas. This animated trailer sets up this tragic race of peaceful spacefarers, who were forced from their homeworld to the edges of the galaxy by a terrible, unstoppable threat.

Above is the first video.

The second focuses on bring the RTS genre back to its roots. They also show off that some of the development team behind Grey Goo, which include brilliant minds that had their hands on the development of Command & Conquer.

The real-time strategy game will be hitting digital store shelves on January 23rd on Steam.

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