Persona 4: Solid Gold Premium Edition Announced, Will Be Kind of Hard to Find

The highly anticipated handheld update to Persona 4, one of Atlus’ most highly regarded franchises is just around the corner, and to further give fans cause for salivation, they have announced a new super duper limited edition. Known officially as the Persona 4 Solid Gold Premium Edition, uber-fans of the high school detective/dating sim/demon slaying RPG can look forward to some special goodies for a little more scratch:

Every copy of the Solid Gold Premium Edition includes:

  • The game: One of the best RPGs of all time is bigger and better than ever before, enhanced to take full advantage of the power of Vita.
  • Hori® Hard Pouch: Sturdily crafted and stylishly customized, this case has a flap for storing PS Vita cards that also guards the screen.
  • Hori® Face Cover: Offers lightweight yet effective protection without blocking any major ports, meaning you don’t have to take it off to play!
  • Protective Skin: Adorns your PS Vita with the stylish, vibrant aesthetics of Persona 4 Golden and also includes 8 matching character wallpapers. This same skin is being offered in limited quantities as a bonus for fans who pre-order P4G at participating retailers.
  • Stickers: Featuring some of the popular stars of Persona 4, these stickers can be used to decorate anything you can think of!

The Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4: The Golden: Solid Gold Premium Edition (wow, so this is why no one uses the full title) will set you back $69.99. Make sure to pre-order it, as there are only 10,000 copies available, actually making it a legitimate limited edition. Check out the screens below for some close ups of the included goodies, and look for it on Playstation Vita this fall. I know I will.

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