Persona 3 FES Comes to PSN

One of my all-time favorite games becomes cheaper and easier to get than ever as Atlus’ hugely popular Persona 3 FES releases on the PlayStation Network.

Equal parts dungeon crawler and modern day high school simulator, Persona 3 ditched the game play mechanics of its predecessors to craft a very personal story about a Japanese transfer student trying to balance the rigors of his classwork and friendships against his commitment to uncover the eldritch secrets of the Dark Hour.  It’s a big game, clocking in at upwards of eighty hours for most players, but thanks to some top-notch voicework and excellent writing, I found it to be among the most affecting and personal journeys I’ve had the pleasure of taking.

Persona 3 FES will be available through PSN starting tomorrow, April 10th, for just $9.99.

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