[PAX South] Superfight! demonstration goes horribly right

Even if the sound is a little crummy, it’s pretty clear who won in this PAX South demonstration of the card game Superfight!  We dropped by to check out Darin Ross’ epic card battle title.

Superfight is a relatively straightforward game, but it’s more a battle of wits than a battle of cards.   Each player gets a white card (characters) and a black card (attributes).   Both players now plead their case why their character would win in a battle against the other player’s character, and the table at large votes for a winner.   Having never played it myself, I was lucky enough to sucker in a random PAX’er for a quick battle.  I say quick as there is little Dexter from the show Dexter can do against the sanity-crushing powers of Cthulhu.

A big thanks to the team for letting us try it out, and for a random PAX South passerby who indulged us in our impromptu battle!

You can pick up Superfight! and all of its various expansion packs at the official site, or on Amazon.

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