PAX East 2013 MechWarrior Online Trailer


GDC is heating up and the folks at Piranha Games are getting ready to talk about the six major content updates they’ve made, as well as some new content coming before the launch date.  The game has been in open beta for a few months and fan feedback has been very positive.  This morning we’ve got a video entitled “Go Ballistic” from PAX East 2013 to share with you.   If you are oblivious to what a MechWarrior title is, here’s a nibble on what the game is about:

MechWarrior Online puts MechWarriors into a first-person, team-based, tactical battlefield where the victors swim in the spoils of war and are rewarded with the almighty C-Bill (in-game currency).

Each team has 8 players and the two teams are pitted in combat in an enclosed battlefield. Communication is key, be it in-game chat, integrated C3, or a third party VOIP solution, keeping in constant communication with your teammates will drastically increase your team’s chances of success.

The various weight classes of BattleMechs help create their own evolving roles on the battlefield. Fast moving scouts can feed target and tactical information back to the main battle group and the team commander. This information allows the support and assault role pilots to decide where to put their resources to work. Long-range fire support and heavy hitting assault class Mechs will use this invaluable information to finish the job at hand. It is up to you, the pilot, to customize your BattleMech’s loadout and electronic systems to fulfill the role you want to take.

The game is absolutely gorgeous and really captures the giant-stompy-robot feel we’ve been needing since the FASA days.   Enjoy the video and stay tuned for some upcoming announcements about the official launch date!

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